It's a sign of the growing confidence in the improvement to the Argentinean economy.

With the introduction of the new routes we're seeing very full flights, so there's tremendous popular demand.

We like our bling. On jeans, sashes. Bling is definitely hot.

They are the No. 1 item in footwear. They wear them with jeans or skirts.

On September 1, the water line was at our headquarters, ... Outside our headquarters, the water is gone. It's not until you leave the area to which you're specifically assigned and you go outside that you see the devastation, that you see the water still flooding buildings up to half-way up their length that you realize there's still a lot to do here.

We're going to be operating three times a week at the start of this service to Buenos Aires.

We're going to see a variety of passengers. There will certainly be corporate consumers, there will also be people going there for tourism.

The question would be how much leeway does the government official have to do that kind of snooping without proper judicial review? That to me is the issue.