It's hard to talk about, but I prayed and felt it was the right thing to do.

There was no way to help them, ... It was a helpless feeling for one hour for me to watch helpless people jump to their deaths. Think about it: What made them jump? The flame, the heat, the torment, the darkness?

I was there before the second plane hit [the World Trade Center] and I will speak about what happened, my experience there, and just encourage people that they be ready for eternity.

There was an explosion - everyone started to run, ... I saw a huge fireball come out and go back in. It was just chaos. Everyone knew what was going on.

Our goals of utilizing our global assets to maximize international growth can only be fully realized with this exciting new structure.

This new venture creates an opportunity for both Paramount and Universal to launch new operations throughout the world from the foundations built by our successful UIP partnership.

As soon as I saw the glass structure, there was no thought in my mind I was going to die at that moment, ... I thought 'It's over.' I wasn't scared.

Contemplate eternity, ... You think you're promised tomorrow, but you're not. Thank you for remembering Sept. 11.

I wanted to go in the worst way.