Rob Moran
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"Rob Moran" is an American film and television actor. He appeared in small roles in such Farrelly brothers films as Dumb and Dumber,

There's Something About Mary, and Shallow Hal. He starred in the American teen drama South Of Nowhere as the Carlin family patriarch. In 1996, he played "Stanley Osmanski" in Kingpin (1996 film)/Kingpin. He made guest appearances in such television series as Men of a Certain Age and Cold Case. He also played Ed Long in "Hall Pass."

He appeared most recently as the doomed patriarch in the 2011 horror movie You're Next.

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We had some people playing in positions they don't play. We didn't want the score to get out of hand, but we wanted to control the ball. A game like this can get out of control, and you still can win, but we didn't want that to happen.