We may have lost some fans along the way.

I think that was our main objective this time in going into the studio. We just wanted to go in and recreate what we do live. People really enjoy the live show, the energy we have on stage, and we wanted to take that from the stage into the studio.

You know what? We could, couldn't we? ... That would be wonderful.

A producer's job is to find the songs and figure out how he wants to put everything together. But Justin had also the luxury of saying, 'OK, I want the record to sound this way.' He knew exactly how to make it sound that way and not depend on an engineer to do it. So right down the line from guitar sounds to the keyboards -- everything -- he knew exactly what he wanted to do.

We basically had a producer decide he didn't want to produce us anymore.

I think we've had our biggest success with ballads, and that's something we shouldn't forget, ... if you listen to a Lonestar album, there's going to be a little bit on there for everybody.

The great thing about the new CD is that there are some more traditional elements for this record, but it's still mainstream.

We're coming back around to a more traditional sound.