There were a lot of fouls in the second quarter and that kind of took our momentum away.

Something I thought was missing from our first two games was our transition game. We were able to score some transition goals today thanks in part to our success in the face-off game. We also made some nice plays in the middle of the field which is a strength for us.

I'm not going to get ticked off about winning, but I would have liked to have seen us play with more focus and concentration for longer in this game. We had a little concentration lapse and flattened out a bit.

Overall I was pleased with the way we played. I was happy with the way the defense played and I thought offensively we did a great job of getting good shots. We didn't shoot the ball as well as I would have liked, especially early. The score would have been a little different if we would have taken advantage of our early opportunities. I thought we played hard and we got a lot of guys in the game.

I would have liked to see us play with more focus and concentration longer into this game. We played well in the first quarter and well into the second quarter, and then we just flattened out a little bit.

We made some good strides tonight. We played with some confidence [on defense]. We made mistakes. But, fortunately, like it's been well-advertised, we've got Matt Russell.

It was a very hard-fought game. I felt comfortable, but I never felt we were pulling away. It's pretty impressive to beat a team like Ohio State 9-3.

We made mistakes, but fortunately it's been well advertised that we have Matt Russell. I thought we played a solid game defensively.

When the other team only scores three goals, it's always a positive for the defense. I thought we played a solid game defensively, played with confidence.