There has been a lot of tension among publishers about technology. But if you ask me if I'd rather have someone watching television or someone surfing the Internet, I'd prefer the Internet because it requires some form of reading.

Planting a flag, trying to establish some ground rules that we are comfortable with to create this new kind of commerce around book content.

We believe that it is important for publishers to be innovative in providing digital options for consumers to access our content.

We expect that they [Amazon] will be the first vendor. We haven't signed any license or contract.

We're offering a concrete business model with which we can go forward with vendor partners to allow readers access to the contents of our books in way that satisfies readers' interest in sampling and discovery.

We've been talking to multiple vendors, and evidently, our conversations with Amazon yielded some fruit, ... because they announced their own initiative on the heels of our announcement. We can now hope or expect them to be our fist vendor.

[The model calls for users to gain online access, though not to be able to copy or print the page. But] if consumers absolutely demand certain kinds of access, ... it would be important to provide that.