"Richard Sands" is employed in the United States/American radio industry.

First program director at LIVE 105 (KITS-FM) in San Francisco. He began at the station as evening disc jockey when it was a Hot Hits formatted Top 40 station in 1983, eventually rising to the program director position in 1985. He left the station in 1998, after it was merged with CBS co-owned KOME.

He won Billboard Magazine's Major Market Program Director of the Year award, among numerous other honors.

Born Richard Briskin, he is the son of best-selling author Jacqueline Briskin and former literary agent Bert Briskin.

He currently publishes The Sands Report, a weekly Alternative radio and record company industry newsletter which began in April 2002, after serving three years as Alternative editor at Gavin Magazine.

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We are ... disappointed by your rejection in our meeting today of our proposal to acquire Vincor and your board's refusal to engage in discussions on this matter.

We believe it is in the best interests of Vincor's shareholders to be fully aware of our proposal, and our willingness to increase our price based on access to additional information that demonstrates and supports that additional value is warranted.

Would provide Vincor's shareholders with an immediate cash premium far greater than we believe the company can deliver on its own, given today's increasingly competitive and consolidating global wine industry.

If the health center at BBC were to sell medication, it would be more costly and take at least a week to receive, as opposed to the UP Pharmacy that can receive it in as little time as a day.

Year-after-year growth is what makes a company worth more, not one-time synergies that undermine potential growth. So we are baffled by their statements and their actions and absolutely do not consider our offer in any way opportunistic.

They are doing ... what we have asked them to do, which is to put a 'For sale' sign on the company.

Patients can fax their prescription over to the UP pharmacy and we will be able to send the prescriptions to their homes for a small fee. With greater funds in the future, we plan to expand the BBC Health Clinic facility and provide a limited pharmacy operation there based on demand.

We have placed one and only one proposal before them. It's really a two part proposal. We will pay C$31 a share for a negotiated transaction without any additional information.

We are committed to completing this transaction with Vincor quickly and I emphasize quickly. We will make all our resources available to achieve that goal.