"Richard A. Peddie" is a former President and CEO of Maple Leafs Sports and Entertainment.

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I like to think this is a 10-year hire, ... A couple of more weeks is nothing.

We look forward to working with the three levels of government as we prepare for construction of the stadium in early 2006 and while we finalize our franchise agreement with Major League Soccer.

The investment community follows those stocks and scrutinizes quarterly earnings reports very carefully. The fact that we're privately held means we're not under the same scrutiny and our ownership isn't under as much pressure to produce quarterly profits.

(The CSA) will probably need some help, ... I don't want to show our hand. It won't be (the bulk of the) $25 million (that MLSE commits), but we can help in many ways.

We are looking for just a general manager, ... He will set the strategy and the tone. We are just hiring one person.

In all, we get about one/30th of what's sold outside our building (divided among all teams), ... I don't think that would even amount to six figures. What's important to us is the brand recognition when people wear them around town.

I'm hoping the person we decide upon is with us for 10-plus years, so another couple of days or weeks is not going to be [alarming].

We're getting near the end of the process, but obviously it is not over yet.