Richard Friend
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"Sir Richard Henry Friend" Fellow of the Royal Society/FRS Royal Academy of Engineering/FREng is Cavendish Professor of Physics at the University of Cambridge and Tan Chin Tuan Centennial Professor at the National University of Singapore. Friend's research concerns the physics and engineering of carbon-based semiconductors.

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And that won't be easy on this tight driving track.

Woods drove the ball poorly and didnt putt well either and he now needs to produce something very special to haul himself back into contention.

I'm very proud of the work Detective Burnett did, ... He went out of his way to chase down several leads. As a result, several thousand dollars worth of items will be returned to their rightful owners.

Has supported law enforcement in the past, and he has shown to be pro-law enforcement in Saline County in addition to being a good friend.

I advised Officer Johnson to stop the patrol car, ... and when we stopped, traffic going the other way stopped, too. I think (Wheatley) thought he could drive between the traffic on the yellow line but he lost control. He left over 60 feet of skid marks.

We started getting calls from all over town that (Wheatley) was driving at over 100 mph, ... He passed the mayor (Larance Davis) near Davis Elementary School and the mayor said he was going well over 100.