I'm expecting a lot from the boys, ... And they are hyped up.

Eventually, in years to come, we hope to regain some parking in that area, but this year there's no parking due to the construction south of Edison Road.

This meet was held in super-humid conditions. But the thing I liked most was our times improved. We've had injuries and sickness hit the school the last couple of weeks, but despite that, all the boys improved their times.

The thing I told the kids was that I didn't care if we won these small meets or not, as long as they improved and were peaking toward the districts and county meet.

It's just going to take some getting used to for people who are used to traveling to Blue Field South.

It's the officer's discretion.

Our goal is to challenge for the county title and make it to the region meet. That's what I hope for talking with the boys. I'm not necessarily concerned with winning regular-season meets. I'd rather we peak for the regions and make to the regions for our first time.

Mostly in the parking lots.

The practices are good.