We face a battle for hearts and minds sometimes with animal rights groups who have figures of their own and polls of their own.

It was not an overly serious violation. If we sensed they were going too far, we'd act. But, we're not going to follow up on this.

Their claims are just false.

We figured, five years, public opinion can change and it was time to do another one.

All these animal rights groups take people out there to pose with these cute little ones. To suggest that they're out there clubbing these little white furry ones is just wrong. That's completely banned.

When so-called celebrities come across here making their pronouncements - wealthy people telling folks how they should earn their living - well, we're outraged. We don't feel we need to justify the hunt to anyone.

It was not an overly serious violation. There was just one pup involved and there was no serious disruption of the herd.