Obviously my preference is to open the batting but I just hope I'm not seen by people as purely an opener. When I play overseas I rarely open the batting. I batted number four for Yorkshire for most of the season and, in one-day games, I often move into number three ... if the selectors can't find a place for me as an opener, that's fine, I'll take any opportunity in the order.

Definitely, it's got me to where I am and I'm going to be playing my game on Boxing Day. I'm just going to have heaps of fun with it.

Hopefully we can just bat the once, get a massive score and put pressure on the second innings.

Dan was very excited about the news. She is really happy for me to have come this far.

I am behind Australia's best opening partnership of all time, so I have to bide my time for opportunities to come up. It would be a dream come true to play a revenge Ashes series this summer.

It looks like the wickets are playing pretty well and are similar to here by the looks of things, so it should be good.

I'll just be working twice as hard. I've just got to go out and do my business and hopefully I can't be ignored. I suppose the more runs you score the more the pressure mounts.