"Philip Toll Hill, Jr." was an United States/American automobile racer and the Formula One drivers from the United States/only American-born driver to win the Formula One World Drivers' Championship (Mario Andretti, an American driver, won the World Drivers' Championship in 1978, but was not born in the United States). He also scored three wins at each of the 24 Hours of Le Mans and 12 Hours of Sebring sports car races.

Hill was described as a "thoughtful, gentle man" and once said, "I'm in the wrong business. I don't want to beat anybody, I don't want to be the big hero. I'm a peace-loving man, basically."

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This is a very friendly report. The core is what everybody is really going to focus on and that flat core is really quite friendly, ... It may make (the Fed) think twice, but I still think the chances are better for a tightening on the 24th.

This may stay the Fed's hand down the road, ... I don't think this is going to change (the tightening) we'll see on Aug. 24.

This is a total lack of respect for our country and our natural resources. It's sick. What has the world come to?

This is certainly weaker than expected.