A premium of 50 percent seems fair enough for a company that hasn't really gone anywhere for a long time.

There weren't quite as many as last year. I think the weather put some off a bit.

For us to be successful, we need more development in South/South trade and further integration.

After a thorough review of the many DMS solutions available we felt sure that Power, along with the company's dedicated support, would equip us to meet the business opportunities and challenges going forward.

I would advise drinking lots of water when you are flying to counteract the dehydration. This also affects your digestion of food and tends to slow it down.

Our office will conduct a vigorous investigation and an aggressive defense on behalf of Mr. Wesson.

I feel as though I've been very lucky.

Their results were not particularly good, but there were reasons to think things were looking better. There was a certain competence there.

Generally speaking, food has to be spicier than it would be if you tasted it on the ground.