"Peter Judge" is the name of:

* F. J. McCormick (1889–1947), Irish actor, real name Peter Judge

* Peter Judge (cricketer) (1916–1992), English cricketer

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There are definitely going to be lessons we'll be taking away from this.

The ground is just not holding the trees up.

A lot of suspicious materials in it.

Absolutely. We're keeping score. At the very least...you kind of check off in your own mind, that's how they did it, is our plan similar or different? Or (would) our plan have worked differently?

We have to keep everybody sharp and ready. There's a real possibility we could be mobilized again with little notice.

Big-term events, whether 9/11 or a hurricane -- everybody learns from what went wrong or what went right.

The storm has arrived -- finally.

There are ongoing discussions that we think will lead to a settlement with the Department of Justice.