There is almost no way to directly track the effect of having your products placed in pop culture. But although it's hard to quantify, the value is definitely there.

We are very excited about what ADP's Digital Contracting will bring to our business. We chose ADP because they have the complete offering we need: forms, lasers, electronic signature capture and secure electronic document storage and retrieval.

This was a good test for her, and she still looked pretty fresh in the finals of the 200 meters. She had a lot left. As for the sectional and state meets, we don't know what events she'll run. But the 100 and 200 meters are both good bets.

We're in a win-win situation. If we lose, we've still done more than we expected in our first year.

Her numbers aren't that great yet. But she hasn't had a lot of practice. We're starting to get outside more and I expect her numbers will get better and better.