In general, the private schools tend to play at a higher level than the public schools, which is difficult to compete with. The public schools get massacred every time. In general, the gap is definitely getting wider. I think parents are looking to place kids in the situation where they're at a higher level of play.

We're running around in our own defensive zone and we just couldn't clear it.

We didn't do a good job of eliminating odd-man chances.

We just weren't able to convert key power plays.

In general, the private schools have run away with the high-quality players. Every year we've lost high-caliber players to the best (private schools). It's a guessing game as far as which kids are going to attend. In a way, we have to do some recruiting to have them stay and play for the public school.

It was a good season. We won the Central Conference Red Division and we'll be hoisting another banner in our home rink.

I wasn't sure about it. It's tough to say the game would have been different.