Patrick Allen
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"John Keith Patrick Allen" was a British film, television and voice actor.

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Matthew Shepard died as a result of the blunt trauma injuries he sustained to his head and face.

This is a one-of-a-kind facility.

Despite the prayer vigils, the special services, and the prayers of many mothers and fathers, the ranks of the ruthless and the lawless continue to swell.

As a church leader, I must commit my organization, its leaders and members to more decisive and proactive involvement. We will continue, and be more active in community outreach [programs], and we will be even more engaged in social reform.

To make the show and get a title this late in the season after the season I had last year is very gratifying and hopefully silences the critics who said I was a one-year wonder.

There's an entire animal kingdom down there as well that's displaced.

We were asked to try to put together a grant package that would fund such a program, but we were turned down for the grant. We decided that this was a really worthwhile project, and decided to fund it ourselves.

There's not another like it. This building is truly an expression of what the Columbus Police Division needed, and what its training is all about.

It was very gratifying. Hopefully, it will silence some of the critics who said I was a one-year-wonder.