We are pleased that the contract with Tier will improve services to Virginia's child support clients. We expect the center will receive and respond to more than 1.4 million calls each year to assist families with child support questions.

It's like when we beat Arizona and then came back and lost to Arizona State. We just didn't come out with the fire that we normally come out with. I didn't come out ready tonight. We're coming towards the end of the our season and we don't have the fresh legs that we had before, so we've got to do other things out there.

I went to sleep watching my favorite player, Kobe Bryant. I just watched a lot of game tapes and (watched) how he shoots the ball with confidence.

I'll just go out there and play, play team ball, and if I happen to get (37), it will be my night.

It was tough without him. Without him, it seemed like a big part of the team was missing. There was no one to pick me up.

Shack's a good player. He's been in situations like that for a long time. I'm glad he stepped up like that tonight.

They were doing a really good job defensively. I couldn't get anything going.

It looked like Cypress had a little more left at the end than we did. They beat us in the last three minutes.

Every time we step on the floor, we win.