Nick Zinner
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"Nick Zinner"

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/ background = non_vocal_instrumentalist

/ birth_name = Nicholas Joseph Zinner

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/ origin = Sharon, Massachusetts

/ instrument = Guitar

Keyboard instrument/Keyboard

Bass Guitar/Bass

Drum machine


/ genre = Alternative rock, New wave music/new wave, art punk, indie rock, garage rock, hardcore punk, thrashcore

/ occupation = Guitarist




/ years_active = 1990s–present

/ label = Interscope Records/Interscope

Shifty (formerly)

Three One G

/ associated_acts = Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Head Wound City, The Blood Brothers (band)/The Blood Brothers, Bright Eyes (band)/Bright Eyes, Scarlett Johansson

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/ notable_instruments = First Act/First Act Guitars Fender Stratocaster Fender Jaguar Dewey Decibel Flipout Guitar.


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We went into the studio with absolutely nothing. Sometimes we were on the same page, but other times it was more complicated, basically because we didn't know what we were after. All we knew was we wanted it to be different from the first one.

'Fever' is basically a live record. We knew exactly what it should sound like before we went into the recording. So we could have this bratty confidence.

It's interesting that people are prepared to believe such odd things about us. Either we haven't really defined ourselves yet, or our fans are a little crazy.