National League
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"National League of Professional Baseball Clubs", known simply as the "National League" ("NL"), is the older of two leagues constituting Major League Baseball (MLB) in the United States and Canada, and the world's oldest current professional team sports league. Founded on February 2, 1876, to replace the National Association of Professional Base Ball Players, it is sometimes called the "Senior Circuit", in contrast to MLB's other league, the American League, which was founded 25 years later. Both leagues currently have 15 teams. The two league champions of 1903 arranged to compete against each other in the inaugural World Series. After the 1904 champions failed to reach a similar agreement, the two leagues formalized the World Series as an arrangement between the leagues. National League teams have won 47 of the 110 World Series contested from 1903 to 2014.

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When you see a team more often, and the players see you more often, you build up credibility, ... But the boss is the boss, and you have to do what they want. You adjust.

He's a scout's delight, but a coach killer.

It just won't happen with us.

One of their most effective tools for ensuring economic development.

If you strike, we strike forever.

He has all the tools scouts love. You can give him great grades on a report card and look great because everyone can see the talent. He has an awful lot of talent, a lot of potential, but he has never gotten it done consistently. Maybe this time it will be different because the Padres have a lot at stake when they make a final decision on him.

I can see how an organization could be interested by his personality and his passion, especially if they want to send a message to their players.

If Our Friends Could See Us Now.

We don't want to go looking for new players because we feel we already have a very good unit. Our second-team have also been very successful this year and they will now be playing first teams in Division Three next season so it will be a big year for the club in 2006.