If you are trying to find a problem in our relationship, you can find it, ... But let's get away from it.

Sock-it-to-me girl.

If the transfer of power were to be made to an expanded Governing Council, which would be more representative than it is at present, provided that elections would be held, in that case ... that's a possibility.

The United States, for their part, will have to reshape, through these negotiations, the future of their own domestic support programs, delivering on the promise of reform by President (George W. Bush).

Neighbours By Chance. Friends By Choice. The Ties That Bind Us.

By wearing Judy Miller's prisoner number, reporters and other participants in the race will show solidarity with our colleague who is unable to participate along with us.

Undelivered Promises and Betrayals of the Uruguay Round.

The Day After Elections in Afghanistan: A New Beginning.

These genes are for risk, not for destiny.