Let not one bottle be thrown. Let not one brick be thrown.

We're sending a message out to Chief Bratton that we've gotten rid of [former chief] Daryl Gates because he did not take the Rodney King beating -- police abuse -- serious and if he [Bratton] doesn't take this serious, we'll get rid of you.

Gun violence is one of the leading causes of death for young black males in South-Central Los Angeles and across urban America.

We're calling upon Paramount Pictures to remove these billboards out of our neighborhood and from this city.

Playing a role in Michael Jackson's life every day.

We want this officer criminally prosecuted. We saw an unarmed man be beaten on camera who seemed to be cooperating and not resisting arrest so we're outraged and shocked ... It's very unfortunate that after the Rodney King beating we still have rogue officers within the LAPD.

It's irresponsible for Paramount Pictures to promote and market a movie that glorifies carrying guns.

Were not serious about trying this case.