Morgan Taylor
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"Frederick Morgan Taylor" was an USA/American hurdling/hurdler and the first athlete to win three Olympic medals in the 400 m hurdles. He was the flag bearer for the United States at his last Olympics in 1932.

In 1924 Taylor won the 400 m Olympic trials with a world best time of 52.6 s, which was accepted as a national record, but not as a world record. While winning the gold medal at the 1924 Olympics he clocked the same time, but knocked one hurdle, and the record was again not ratified by the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF). In 1925 he won his second AAU title in the 440 yd hurdles in a world best time of 53.8 s, but this record was discounted too. Finally the IAAF accepted his 400 m record of 52.0 s set at the 1928 Olympic trials.

While studying at Grinnell College Taylor competed in both track and field and American football/football. He won the National Collegiate Athletic Association/NCAA 220 yd hurdle title in 1927 and finished second in the long jump in 1925. After graduating he worked as a salesman for the Chicago Tribune and then as a teacher and athletics coach. His son F. Morgan Taylor, Jr. also competed in track and field as a long jumper.

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