"Morgan Richard Tsvangirai" is a Zimbabwean politician who was Prime Minister of Zimbabwe from 2009 to 2013. He is President of the Movement for Democratic Change – Tsvangirai (MDC-T) and a key figure in the opposition to President Robert Mugabe.

Tsvangirai was the MDC candidate in the controversial Zimbabwean presidential election, 2002/2002 presidential election, losing to Mugabe. He later contested the first round of the Zimbabwean presidential election, 2008/2008 presidential election as the MDC-T candidate, taking 47.8% of the vote according to official results, placing him ahead of Mugabe, who received 43.2%. Tsvangirai claimed to have won a majority and said that the results could have been altered in the month between the election and the reporting of official results. Tsvangirai initially planned to run in the second round against Mugabe, but withdrew shortly before it was held, arguing that the election would not be free and fair due to widespread violence and intimidation by government supporters that led to the deaths of 200 people.

He sustained non-life-threatening injuries in a car crash on 6 March 2009 when heading towards his rural home in Buhera. His first wife, Susan Tsvangirai, was killed in the head-on collision.

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By the end of this week Zimbabweans will have driven a message home to Mugabe that they are fed up with the state of affairs in this country.

Mount a national crusade against the senate elections.

By fraud they would like to prevent me from contesting and for being the main competitor and main challenger to Mugabe. They realise I have built a credible base in the country and he stands no chance in a free and fair poll.

Mugabe has pushed his luck too far in terms of fighting the world. There's no way a country can live as an island and the fact that he's been defying both national and international opinion has had an effect on the general feelings within ZANU-PF.

We are on the winning track. Zimbabwe is on the verge of massive and decisive change.

There are people in this country who have been killed, raped and assaulted and we're saying the government must take responsibility.

We arrived at the conclusion that the objective conditions do not exist for meaningful discussion because (Mugabe's party) ZANU-PF is embarking on mass retribution against our members in the rural areas.

Mugabe has no option but to go.

If Mugabe wants to prove that he is committed to running a free and fair election, he must disband these armed bandits.