Michael Oppenheimer
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"Michael Oppenheimer" (Climate Scientist) is the Albert G. Milbank Professor of Geosciences and International Affairs in the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs and the Department of Geosciences at Princeton University. He is the Director of the Program in Science,Technology and Environmental Policy (STEP) at the Woodrow Wilson School and Faculty Associate of the Atmospheric and Ocean Sciences Program, Princeton Environmental Institute, and the Princeton Institute for International and Regional Studies.

Oppenheimer has taken leading role in various environmental and science policy related activities, e.g. with regard to acid rain, in contributing to 1990 amendments to the Clean Air Act (United States)/Clean Air Act. With regard to climate change, he was a major author of the IPCC's Fourth Assessment Report and a coordinating lead author of the Fifth Assessment Report.

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We see very high vulnerability on the Jersey coast. These things are not going to happen tomorrow. It gradually unfolds over the course of the 21st century. But we will be spending ever-increasing amounts defending the coast.

We do have a little time, but not much. . . . If we don't get a serious program in place for the long term in this second post-Kyoto phase, we will simply not make it and we will be crossing limits which will basically produce impacts that are unacceptable.

I find these results troubling, disturbing, scary. Because despite the uncertainties, we're playing dice with the whole Earth here.

I cannot think of a more heinous and egregious act.

He adds, ''is the guy with the most scientific heft in the group, and he has not played in the political arena. They're all good scientists.

He got involved with some people who weren't so good, let's say, and he ended up, in the course of doing business, he ended up paying finders' fees and/or commissions to people who were not so good.

Kent is a good, legitimate, honest businessman.

One point stands out above all others, and that is that a modest global warming may put Earth in the danger zone for a major sea-level rise.

Mr. Nelson is certainly cooperating with the authorities. He wants to do whatever he can to help out.