Now 40% below capacity and 50% below pre-war production.

We see nothing on the horizon that can overturn the growing imbalance between demand and supply. Nor is the growing demand just a passing phase: We are smack in the middle of one of the most dramatic population explosions this planet has seen since the agricultural revolution in the early days of civilization.

There's certainly a need for charitable organizations that help house the less fortunate. But helping the needy piece together flimsy plastic tubes and then snapping the door shut after them gives them shelter at the expense of their dignity.

Most investors focus too much on finding the broker with the cheapest commissions, but our study brings home the importance of a firm's integrity.

All over the country, used car dealers have been swamped and they now have an estimated 300,000 more vehicles on their lots than they'd normally expect at this time of year.

The first and most important line of defense for investors is manned by the nation's auditing firms, ... Unfortunately, the accounting industry has overwhelmingly failed in its responsibility to deliver independent oversight to corporate financial statements.

This is no way for people to live, ... While it's true that poor Americans need a viable alternative to housing projects, placing them in large, confusing warrens of see-through cylinders is not the solution.