"Mark Thomson" was a United States Representative from New Jersey. Born in Norriton Township (near Norristown, Pennsylvania), he engaged in milling, was justice of the peace of Sussex County, New Jersey in 1773, and was a member of the provincial convention in 1774 and of the Provincial Congress in 1775. He was commissioned lieutenant colonel of the First Regiment, Sussex County Militia on July 22, 1775 and was lieutenant colonel in Col. Charles Stewart's Battalion of Minutemen, February 15, 1776; colonel of the First Regiment, Sussex County Militia, July 10, 1776; and colonel of the Battalion of Detached New Jersey Militia, July 18, 1776.

Thomson was a member of the New Jersey General Assembly in 1779 and served in the New Jersey Legislative Council (now the New Jersey Senate) from 1786 to 1788. He was appointed lieutenant colonel and aide-de-camp on the staff of Gov. Richard Howell on June 10, 1793 and was elected as a Federalist Party (United States)/Federalist to the Fourth and Fifth Congresses, serving from March 4, 1795 to March 3, 1799. He died in Marksboro, New Jersey/Marksboro; interment was in the Hughesville Cemetery, Warren County, New Jersey.

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