Bookings outpaced even our strong sales growth during the fourth quarter driven by a combination of broad end market demand and longer lead times. In addition to higher order rates for products supporting notebook and desktop applications, bookings for products serving the display end market increased significantly.

By divesting these LED and display products, Fairchild is continuing to sharpen its focus on its core businesses.

(The BBC) doesn't have to take cynical or commercial decisions, it should really put its money where its heart is.

The perception is that it's too high end, too futuristic, but I think we will see prices and use models to support it.

I probably inventoried about 10,000 images, and as you go through the images, you see Calcite being built, and you see the community of Rogers City developing. So it's a tremendous historical record.

I don't think that there is the industry disconnect that a superficial analysis of the headlines suggests there is. Intel grew in the same range that we grew. It just wasn't as much as their own forecasts. So, when I look at the entire industry, I don't see that disconnect.

We made excellent progress in 2005 by improving our management of the distribution channel, reducing inventories throughout the supply chain and reducing our capital spending and ultimately depreciation expense.

You add the cost of digital switchover and targeted help - these are very big commitments.

The fact is from this point forward they're going to do more training and they haven't had any setbacks at all.