We dropped a little on floor and weren't quite as sharp as we'd like to be on bars and they had just enough. We have a few things to clean up. We'll get back in the gym, work hard, and hopefully we can get to the state meet and change the outcome.

She knows the tradition, the expectations for several years and she hasn't backed off from either of those. She's stepped right up. Sometimes kids aren't too confident competing. She thinks it's really fun. She's very motivated to get better. She doesn't mind hard work.

We were pretty solid all the way through. I'm pleased with where we are in terms of our difficulty. We just have to get a little cleaner and a little tougher. I felt like we were right there ... on floor and beam, we were pretty close on bars and fairly close on vault. The teams that beat us just performed a little better.

I have to do what I think is right for this program. It doesn't really matter what everybody else does.

It's easy to pick out the kids who can be real talented. She took to it pretty easily.

We stayed on. It was neat to see (Team I) go six for six. But I'd like us to be more solid. Beam is very capable of being our highest event score.

Floor was a season-best, but none of the rest were our best. We've done (those scores) all before. It'll be an exciting meet again. I hope we'll be in the mix.

It's really good to get out of our area, out of our comfort zone. We weren't able to go last year (due to bad weather) and we really missed it. It was really good to see a very high-quality team and to go to different surroundings.