We pushed that blocking sled all over the field, ... We didn't like it, but it's paying off right now.

Typically speaking, we're probably talking about around $100,000 for everything.

A lot of federal mandates require different tiers of housing in a community and many don't understand that to get the benefits, you have to allow different types of growth.

We have tried to teach him that it's about helping others, ... It's not what you have or what you drive ? it's other people's lives.

That would have been meant a lot. Seven hundred and one yards, that's a lot. That's something special. Just think if we don't make some of the mistakes that we did.

I think it's good for the defense to have that rest on the sideline sipping water and Gatorade while we're out there scoring points.

Some people just dropped in what they had.

Now that was a block.

We've got to get made because we didn't play like we wanted to play. The past four weeks, we've gone out there pretty intense. We didn't come out there and play like we should have.