Although the Twins have a small profit, in order to keep up with the rest of Major League Baseball, they need a new stadium. The Twins have one of the worst stadium deals in all of baseball.

What they have that a lot of the other top revenue teams don't have is control of player costs.

Peyton is in a league by himself in terms of endorsements. This isn't a guy who got endorsement deals based on his winning the big game.

He's still doing better than he had during most of his career. He's not necessarily a beloved superstar that advertisers want to attach their ride to. The BALCO stain certainly affected it. But a lot of the lack of interest in Barry as a corporate spokesman has to do with his 20 years antagonizing media and fans.

I'm sure he turns down 10 times as many deals as he signs.

They had an unbelievable season. Their attendance was up dramatically and revenues were up dramatically, from $111 million to $132 million.