We hate it. When you look at our results and compare them with other large cap stocks, we think we are doing a lot of things right.

The first or second game, he wanted to throw a behind-the-back pass and it hit his hip. I took him out and sat him down for a quarter, but I had never had a kid who could do the things he could do. I decided to just let him go.

I feel really uncomfortable with having to depend on the Internet to get important information. I just don't think it's as secure as some people think it is.

You want to raise a lot of 'what ifs.' I can only deal with what we've gotten so far. Their agreement is their agreement. We're not a party to their agreement ... Townships never get involved in those agreements of sale.

At present, there are better resources, but it is 15 years too late to change Purdue's status as the top in the nation. Although other departments in Purdue had similar problems, they were not as highly regarded as the computer science department in Purdue once was.

Thank you for giving us back Lauren and Steve.

Employers definitely are putting more emphasis on college credentials, and that's one reason for the adult interest.

Whenever a clutch shot was needed, Joe was there to take it.

If you're a religious person, you could call that an act of God.