John Rich
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"John Rich" is an American country music singer-songwriter. From 1992 to 1998, he was a member of the country music band Lonestar, in which he played bass guitar and alternated with Richie McDonald as lead vocalist. After being fired from the band in 1998, he embarked on a solo career on BNA Records in the late 1990s, releasing two singles for the label and recording Underneath the Same Moon, which was not released until 2006. By 2003, he joined Big Kenny to form the duo Big & Rich, who released three albums on Warner Bros. Records as well as ten singles, including the Number One "Lost in This Moment". After Big & Rich went on hiatus in 2007, Rich began work on a second solo album, Son of a Preacher Man (album)/Son of a Preacher Man, which has produced two more chart singles. In 2011, Rich released two Extended Plays, Rich Rocks and For the Kids (Extended Play)/For the Kids before re-establishing Big & Rich in 2012.

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No one stays in for too long.

He wanted to find out what's going on in country music and what's going on with us.

It's always magical when you're out here, because anything can happen.

[On August 2, Warner Brothers Records will release Country star Faith Hill's long-awaited album Fireflies . Her last studio collection, Cry , came out in 2002. Faith's new project features her current Top 5 single] Mississippi Girl, ... Like We Never Loved at All.

But they're coming around, the more we tour and interview, the more we find that fans (and critics) understand what we're's more of an understanding process, particularly with press and radio people.

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They damned near cleaned our clock. They were a formidable enemy. I threw myself into a bomb crater and there were two marines there and I realized I was the only one alive. It was an incredibly bitter battle, so I'd like Eastwood to do something that would bring us together.

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