We understand that cost is going to be an issue with this, but we're just going to need to come to some type of compromise, ... This is too large of a University at this point to be closing as early as it is.

Everybody, ... gets kind of touched by this in some realm of their life.

You don't feel as if you are treated like a person, ... They have to come in, and there is a line a mile long.

I've heard that in the history of the Student Government Association, there's never been this big of a turnout.

It was definitely a success.

I would love to go for higher, but I think 15 percent will be a high enough jump that the student body will recognize it.

I want every student present to know how big their position is and how important it can be to the student body, ... We want to encourage the notion of debate. It is so important that these senators take stands on issues - don't just vote yes because everyone else did. They were elected to their positions because they are leaders, not because they will vote yes on everything.

I found it's much better to publicize nominations and try to get that out then to try and get voter turnout by just publicizing elections.