I like the way they play. They get up and down the floor, which is something I like. But more importantly, I feel like I can play anywhere. I consider myself a basketball player that can do a number of different things.

What President Zedillo has tried to do is to make the campaign and the election day counting both fair and honest. That's what's historic. Mexico will truly be a democracy.

When he finished packing, he walked out on to the third-floor porch of the barracks brushing the dust from his hands, a very neat and deceptively slim young man in the summer khakis that were still early morning fresh.

They just tell you work every day as if you're playing, because your opportunity will come. Every player in this league gets an opportunity, you just have to make the most of it.

I'm pretty sure I'll get a chance to showcase some of those talents that my family members don't know about.

We had these guys, but special teams hurt us a lot. We couldn't stop them as well sometimes on defense in situations. We've just got to make more plays.

And when that happens, Mexico will have really leapt forward to first-world respectability.

Over the past half-dozen years they've spent almost $2 billion in various kinds of safeguards, to make sure that people are registered correctly, to make sure that there's minimum opportunity for fraud on the voting cards, to have as much of a foolproof conduct of the election as possible.

Judge Michael was a wonderful person and will be sorely missed by his colleagues on the bench and the other members of our court family.