We have the knowledge and materials to protect our water, power and sewage treatment facilities, ... It's not going to be cheap, but it would produce enormous numbers of jobs. But it will only happen if the American public conveys that we want to be taxed for this priority.

Signs were not posted to explain the detour. Thousands of vehicles had to make multiple lane merges and no one was there to help the process. Then the detour narrowed to a one-lane road through a business district.

It's a country in Africa, and Africa is a continent for Kenya.

Sandra was an outstanding young woman. She had 90 friends who worked at the restaurant and 30 who wished they had known her better.

It's been real positive for us to have the parents being mandated to come with their sons and daughters.

This is simply an attempt by committee Democrats to clarify the factual record, where Mr. Starr was vague, evasive, forgetful or perhaps not altogether candid.

I've learned it's a lot more than what people see.