I said, all right, whatever, I'll go in.

If Clark Haggans didn't break his hand I'm not in Pittsburgh, I'm not in football.

It's not good anytime you go out there and a team runs up and down the field like that. But we got two more weeks to get everything together.

He had two choices -- either take me up high, which I didn't think he would do, or cut me, ... I figured he was going to try to cut me because it's Monday night and you don't want to get run over in front of everybody.

Clark ended up getting hurt, and I had to play like three quarters, ... The tight end came across the middle, and I knocked him silly and almost knocked myself out. They said I was out, but I don't think I was.

I was sitting at home looking for a job, a real job, not a football job. I was giving up on this.

It's just that you're never going to hear me say that somebody is tougher than me, ... Because I don't believe somebody else could be tougher than me.

I'll put it to you in simple terms: The center and the guard were so far gone, the running back had to make moves to avoid them. We were just coming in and cleaning things up.

It's a lot easier to stick if you're one of those first three picks, because they're going to give them a lot more time to develop than they will that free-agent guy they only paid a couple thousand dollars, ... You gotta come in and do something to make them look at you and say, 'Well, maybe there's something in that guy that we can use.'