Well, let me ask this, ... If he's the king, why wasn't he hired first?

I know it's him, ... I know it's him.

If you want to make Shanghai a world class business center, you need more access and connectivity.

If it seems I'm upset, it's because I am, ... When does the process start that the shift will come?

I think there is an acknowledgement that it is slow and that it needs to be resolved but there is a difference of opinion of degree.

Not everyone can do this job. I've seen people try and fail. Whatever Sherrie does, she gives 100 percent. This is on every case, every client. And that's hard to do here because of the time constraints. You always have her undivided attention. It's like she's got all these (computer) screens up and going at the same time.

The Soviet Union model of what a Communist country is supposed to look like doesn't work for China. China has unbridled capitalism.

There are a number of different reasons why. The main one is that Chinese telecommunications companies don't have enough bandwidth to interact with the outside world.

What happens with condominiums is people end up buying them as investments and renting them as apartments.