Mr. Cheney was part of the 'Whip Inflation Now' team and he was part of a Bush administration that had a pretty anemic growth record, but that doesn't mean he's qualified to talk about the state of the economy today.

The president has stated that he'd like to stay and get the work done. But we'll take a look at whatever emerges from Congress at the end of the day.

We'll have to examine the details. But it is not clear that the provisions will actually help American farmers and others who want to sell food to Cuba.

We put out a budget in February that lays out where we stand. It's hard to blame us for the fact that they are well behind on their work.

The timing of it absolutely reeks, but given the past conduct and record of that office is not surprising.

We don't want to pre-judge how the next administration will proceed. We've been consulting with them all along.

It's essentially the first organizing meeting of this council to prepare for a smooth transition.

Unfortunately, it looks like Congress is going to squander another day without getting any substantial work done.

Doesn't sound like a veto-proof majority to me.