Right now, Albert's chasing the game. He's got to let it come to him a little more. It will if he lets it. When you chase the game, you don't catch up to it very often.

It's tough. The key for me is him keeping his head back. I saw that as the cause of his inconsistency. ... Hopefully he'll get into form before the year's out.

In a nutshell, offensively we're struggling. The nuts and bolts of what's going on - that's it. We're struggling.

I think it's his drive. He wants to achieve a lot. He has some goals that he doesn't talk about.

You're trying to be ready for everything, and you're not ready for anything. We'd like for them to be ready for the one pitch, the fastball. That's where you start. We go from there. ... All timing comes off the fastball. You've got to be a fastball hitter first.

If the guys around him are swinging the bat well, he's naturally going to get better pitches to hit. Now he's been overanxious because they're not coming after him. We don't have enough guys around him swinging the bat really well.

He knew he had to go back out there. But he couldn't go back out there and swing at everything. He had to be patient.

It's fun to win and you play to win. Amazingly, when I went to spring training, the thought was to win it all. The thought has always been to win it all. So far, we've continued to win. We've won all year. But there was no thought of playing .500 or being competitive. The only thought was winning it all. It's fun.

Jimmy's been off and on, and we know how capable he is. He either bats before or after Albert. It's going to be important that we hit around Albert so he gets pitched to, so he feels he can take his base on balls and another guy will do it. It's going to be important for (Edmonds) to have a good week.