We shot-faked and I thought we got bumped a few times, but we didn't get the calls. That's how it goes.

We couldn't hit that little 7- or 8-foot shot for anything. We've played down here twice and have had probably our two worst shooting percentages here at the Colonial Center.

We've got to run him out of the gym some nights because we've gotta get the laundry done.

I thought if we'd ever taken the lead, I thought that thought might start coming back into their minds that they can't win the big one. But we never took the lead, so we never saw how they'd react.

That seemed to spark us. When he gets to going hard, he can jump over people and with his quickness he can go past people.

I'm so tired of saying 'box out' that I'm sick of it. I think I say 'box out' in my sleep.

I thought we were getting hit inside pretty hard and I was tired of our kids getting hit. As physical as we are when we're going for a shot and getting knocked (around) to the side, that's a foul -- and that's what I said, sort of.

They didn't flinch a bit. They just played their game. They knew that D.J. wasn't in there and they stepped up.

Not in any situation where he had to shoot it. He came off screens, the guy sags off of him, he feels comfortable and he shoots it.