There's no reason in the world for him to do this.

I just wanted to get a pin right off the bat. (Against Boehm) I need to get my offense going and take it to him.

I feel like I'm in my 50s and I've learned to pace myself.

They lost their parents. They lost their normal surroundings and often feel they are at fault. I felt there had to be a better safety net for children.

Anyone who has any involvement with the child should be at the table and provide what is necessary to get these families back together again.

It's an extremely frustrating process appealing property taxes, ... I can identify with audit's findings.

I don't feel like an old man.

Many people like to make New Year's Eve an experience rather than marking it with a single event. The Mesa Symphony's annual New Year's Eve concert is always packed because it allows East Valley residents to start the celebration a little bit early.