We support the resolution, we voted for it and we helped draft it. We were willing to work with the U.N. to draft a resolution that could be agreed to.

The president continues to take his message to the American people, outlining his budget and tax cut plans, and the mercantile exchange is a good venue to talk about economic growth.

This is not a new concern, but it is one we take seriously. We are working to reduce our vulnerability to this threat.

The president is deeply concerned and he calls on Mr. Arafat and the Palestinians to take concrete measures to end the violence immediately.

The budget the report suggests seems to be grossly inflated.

Does not anticipate a change in the immediate time period ... to include next week.

Be more careful when they look at these things.

We have been committed for some time to make sure they have the equipment and training they need for this to be a better prepared country, ... We are far more prepared than we were 20 months ago on 9/11, and we continue to get better every day.

The president is pleased and calls now on all parties to live up to their responsibilities for peace and security in the region and reforms in the Palestinian Authority.