"Geoffrey Beene" was an American fashion designer. Beene was one of New York's most famous fashion designers, recognized for his artistic and technical skills and for creating simple, comfortable and dressy women's wear.

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One thing I've always believed, ... is that menswear fabric can go into the ballroom as well.

Before I ever think of a design I have to select the fabrics, so fabrics actually are the inspiration for any collection.

Some of my favorite things are the white jackets with the black zippers, that just zip and that's it.

Maybe those of the Renaissance.

I really went out of my way to simplify the collection and offer many, many different pieces so that a woman would have the option of putting together as much as she would like or not.

I've analyzed most of my designs in the past ten years ... and I never realized that I use so little fabric. I think that's the part of modernity that the more you can design with the less, maybe the more acceptable or the more meaningful clothes are.

The tops were one-shoulder cashmere sweaters and the skirts were the same silk satin that (artist John Singer) Sargent painted his women in. So it's seemingly very grand but the luxury is the comfort of it.

There are a lot of very, very soft boots on the collection because of the longer lengths of the dresses. There are very flat heels. There's hardly a high heel for day except in the very tailored suits.

[Accessories are often incorporated into the clothing, rather than using much jewelry.] I have some little leather collars that sort of stick up, ... They are separate and meet and they stand up and then there's a cord that comes around, and you just tie them on. The only jewelry we're using is like silver wire, which we have done in the studio, and making it in very abstract forms.