It sounds like she's thinking of a way to get out.

She's a tough campaigner. But the real problem for her is getting out from underneath all these questions. It's hard when you can't control the cynics.

He'd sooner rather have his nails pulled out than sit in the United States Senate with 99 others guys who think they should be president.

It seems to me the vultures have stopped circling.

That kind of letter makes it sound like she's getting out.

Republicans have every right to be concerned, but I don't see it in the sense of a Democratic frenzy of turnout. I see it in less than ecstatic Republican enthusiasm. Republicans right now, despite the economy doing well and us doing a lot of good things and having a lot to talk about in Florida, don't seem to have the same intensity that we normally should at this point in time in the cycle.

They aren't Jeb Bush. They don't speak Spanish off the top of their head. They have to distinguish themselves either by who they pick as a running mate or by how they conduct themselves on the campaign trail.