Gene Chizik
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"Eugene C. "Gene" Chizik Jr." is an American football coach and former player. He was named defensive coordinator at North Carolina Tar Heels football/North Carolina in January 2015. He was the head coach of the Auburn Tigers football/Auburn football team from 2009 until the end of the 2012 season. Chizik's 2010 Auburn Tigers football team completed a 14–0 season with a victory over 2010 Oregon Ducks football team/Oregon in the 2011 BCS National Championship Game/BCS National Championship Game. Chizik played college football at the Florida Gators football/University of Florida in 1981 for head coach Charley Pell.

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It's been fun, especially with these guys. This football team is different. They're just different. They've got something about them. They've got some chemistry and some great things that it's hard to pinpoint the things that make champions, but this team has it in them.

We've got to have 11 guys spying this guy. He's that good.

Bush has an element of power to go along with his speed. One of our concerns is over-pursuing against him so that when he cuts back, there's nobody there to stop him.

It's really unique. I feel very blessed and fortunate to have made the move to the University of Texas and continued the streak. I don't think about it a whole bunch. Obviously, it would be nice to continue that streak. I can assure you that.

It's going to be a great challenge. ... I may do this another 20 years and never get (another) shot to do this, and they may play another 20 years and not get a shot at doing this again. ... I think it's something you hold onto for a long time.

If you miss a tackle correctly -- and I know that sounds funny -- you can get some help from your friends.

What separates him from a lot of the good ones, and why he's a great one, is he's got the mental part of the game as well as anyone I've ever been around. He does a great job of making sure everybody is in line.

I told them we're going to be physical. If you're not willing to be that or can't be that, you won't be playing. They bought into that. There's no other way to play defense the way we see it.

What I've found is that a lot of times, if a guy is that good that you're spying on him, he's probably better than your spy guy. We've got to have 11 guys spying on him.