We must now have those issues itemized.

For a long time, there wasn't much board scrutiny. Things worked on almost auto-pilot.

General aviation is growing. They're starting to move away from big hubs. There will be changes in air service, more contact with air taxis. We want to be on the cutting edge. We think what Bob will accomplish that.

We recognize that both counties have strained budgets. He brings with him a background in economics, a background in finance. The key here is to find other sources of revenue so the burden on the taxpayer is reduced and the airport grows in exciting new ways. And to let the community see how essential the services are that many don't see every day.

It was a debate, but it's over now, and we're working together to maintain this key element of economic development. For the most part, everybody's looking at going forward now.

He said my absence would be the only way to heal the rift.

Nobody ever questioned your honesty. I have never thought of you as less than an honest person.

Yes, there's been some controversy of late, but it doesn't change the fact that we recognize the importance of the airport to the vitality of any economic development efforts we make on either side of the Montreal.

Too often, vouchers caused checks to be written without board members looking closely at the vouchers. We need more time to look at them before approving them. Comparisons need to be made.