We all have our natural memory techniques, ... All we're doing is helping people fine-tune the ones they have and teaching them new ones to improve their life and improve their memory and possibly even stave off future memory loss.

It's hard to prove a lot of these things, but I'm convinced there's enough evidence that there is a cause-and-effect relationship.

One of the most striking findings was how it affected function in the area of the brain that creates everyday working memory. We may not have conclusive proof. But the evidence is strong. And these are all healthy choices for other reasons.

This suggests the technology may be useful in early diagnosis and in tracking people over time.

Research has shown that some simple memory training classes can go a long way in improving memory almost immediately and actually having sustained effects for several years.

The idea is use it or lose it, work out your brain cells so they can stay active and healthy.

Initially there was disbelief. We all get up each day assuming that everything is going to be OK. But now you are thrust into a surreal experience and you have to worry about each step that you take.

Let's say I park in Lot 3B in the parking lot, ... I might see my car with three large bumble bees hovering over it. I got stung by a bee when I was a kid so it has an emotional charge, and it's easier to remember.