Gary Peterson
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"Gary Peterson" is an American record producer. He is probably best known as the creator of Golden Throats. Peterson and partner Pat Sierchio produced four volumes of the series for Rhino Records, which collect bizarre examples of celebrities singing pop music classics.

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I feel like our community has a lot of attractiveness. There's a certain allure to Canyon, partly because it's dry, I feel like.

The offerings should supplement what the home-school parents are doing, but they shouldn't go beyond the public school setting. It's not an equitable situation.

Simply put, this is a monopoly within Medicare that is now working against the patients it was intended to help and is costing U.S. taxpayers billions of dollars.

We would like to find no evidence of previous exploitation, ... We hope there's nothing on the computer and videos for the child's sake.

I think it's counter to the mission of the public schools to run the (home-school) programs.

We?re focusing on food service providers that want to put a face on their food, that want local food and want to know exactly where it is from. That?s the niche we?re trying to build upon.

She denies that she offered up the child. But we have records of online activity that shows she did.

The pain feels like someone is taking every bone in your body and breaking them continuously for eight or nine hours.

It's evolved into something different than the original intent.